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Welcome to my little Webside on emigration


With a little luck, this homepage answered
(all or at least most) of your questions about emigration. 

If you are not interested in this topic.
I wish you much success on other internet sides.

Otherwise, good luck, with your search,
on click the little selection windows







You want to retire from working life, to spend your retirement years abroad? This will probably be not easy. I personally distinguish between

Emigrants and dropouts.

You can migrate with an employment contract or  business idea in mind go outside, in other words, to earn a have a better living abroad to improve your standard of living,  ... somewhere out for search for a new home... but

watch out,  dirty work was  not  half of your life ?

All dropouts  have more problems as emigrants. She need  anymore capital and a plan for the rest of the life .
This site describes more, this art of emigrating.



Getting out of the daily  grind with working, is a little bit like jumping out of his own  aquarium.
But looking for water (money).  If you have not a lot of money then Stop your plan.



job loss

Yes that can happen to anyone! Disaster or opportunity? me personally, it caught on December 31, 2008, 54 years old, 30 years Siemens Indians, before studying and time soldier. Besides, another 22 years father (2 children) but this in the mid-life crisis (45 years old) was also placed on the file. In the middle of this 10 year period, my 25 years working party was. At this time was with me, the idea of ​​emigration already born and the stage of realization had already begun. On this day there was only one and that was Gespraechsthema "Retirement at 67". But my answer was always the same. Not me, I climb with Latest 55 years out of the working life. Back then, of course, no one believed me!




So I looked at the time. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues have already died before reaching the retirement age.



















Funding for the exit

Or the question of who should pay? In my case needs repairs were 10 years (1998 to 2008) until I could rely on my own financial plan. This is made ​​clear by some updates (subprime, financial, euro-crisis recovery). Just click your way through the years. By clicking on the center of the picture you get additional useful information, emigration (unfortunately currently only available in German language).

The objective of the plan were 1000 EUR
for the rest of my life to not have to work for a month.

For Germany too little, but the world is big enough
and offers many opportunities.




















Termination agreement
(Or the sale of the workplace)

In the summer of 2008, the working environment in my company was once again heavily loaded. It was once again of staff reduction (implement cuts of salary) and the lay offs speech. The rumor mill is boiling over, either in the number of redundancies or on the amount of severance pay and so on. Which of course are also lists of names in conversation, especially special operations meetings, but without defining any name. Well I'm 99% sure that I was on a list, because I represent a lucrative target for saving intentions of the merchants at Siemens. Therefore await my motto and drink coffee and if the amount of compensation is fixed with a plan for the future. Now we have already the end of June and the notices are to be made in August. In the snail's pace of my company (Siemens mills grind slowly) but is rather to be expected of September.

Well now we have already the middle of September and I still hold out for the new facts. Eventually, however, the company must do the job properly. Until now, however, my tactic was "feet keep still" not wrong.

However, in early October were the facts (contracts) on the table.
Now came the days of the decision.

On October 23, 2008, I wrote under the amended severance agreement and was ready to fly to other worlds.



In their own right:
The following page contains absolute (honest) numbers of my termination agreement. I am well aware that we live in a dishonest world. Currently (Aug 2014), just the "Snowden prism Aufklaerungsskandal" is current. An Internet Information protection is however strange reality. So get exactly what one is superior to the Internet. Since I was forced to send my termination agreement in 2010 as a pdf file on my Steuerbevollmaechtigten Email to Appendix I assume, already have my enemies all information anyway. Therefore, I can confidently provide also all normal mortals this information at your disposal.











Termination agreement
(Or the sale of the workplace)

But the last round so had its pitfalls. Remained so tell me after the first draft agreement of € 248,860 and € 137,774 write only (Tax Class 1) and taking into account the fifth control € 139,483 left. This would be equivalent on a monthly basis until my retirement an amount of 917 €., Hartz IV can greet.

Therefore, I used the last 2 weeks to find arguments for my successor and activities, and then talking to the head of the company to achieve a treaty change. And I have deliberately not put the amount of the severance payment this week, but only the date of the deadline of 30 September 2009 is not referred to as personally acceptable. 10 minutes later an agreement was already signed and sealed. I had managed to date to

December 31, 2008 to determine.

Why? Because of idiotic tax laws. !
Small change, big effect, were suddenly out of € 139,483 / € 182,503,

if no annual income will be achieved in 2009. After my recent findings, this amount can be through a negative income (necessary payments such as health insurance, housing ...) still increase to about 185,000 € Net.

Now that the die is cast, I can start my things in Germany to settle, or just throw everything to the trash.
The alternative scenarios to live in Germany were rejected by me because I do not expect positive future here. Because once had health problems which leave me a birthday 60igsten experience of the already unlikely happen. Also, my salary is after the last wage reform upwards capped at 1% increase every year, no matter what the unions negotiate, resulting in a rising inflation rate falling to a budget. Then I'd rather up and away, as long as you are still able to health.












Termination agreement
(Or the sale of the workplace)

  I received my severance pay on 28 January 2009. There were only about € 137,774 loss because once you loose imputed to me that I will earn in
remaining 11 months of 2009, more then EUR 75 000.

But in this case I had already used a tax Empower in Germany who has to worry about 2010 that I get my money refunded from the fifth control.
The next day (Friday) I am for the last time in person at my bank to take out a pension plan payout to 10 years to 4% interest. After my checking account had melted together to € 27,774, I now had a monthly income of € 1,117, for the next 10 years.
On Saturday 31/01/2009 I then turned their backs on Germany at the age of 54 years and 7 months. 5 months earlier than announced several times.
What would have to notice is that I do. € 110,000 for the overdraft for a day, had to shell out € 100 three months later,
as the
severance payment was optional free only on the next day













DEZ 2008 ..... What's left to do ? ..... JANUAR 2009

This question Alone promises only
one and that is
Work and more work.

However, as I prefer to have fun
had one on the fly
new plan are made.
The result was my ultimate


I recommend all non Bavaria
look up on Wikipedia.

But first a beer
drink to clear your head
get shut, extensively
sleep (dream) and
then do what you
ever want to do

Away with the

but you do
Tacks and no half measures.

but create a
Termination list:

° insurance
° Liability
° Legal
° Household
° car, two-wheeler
° accident
° building
° other
* Tip emigration
     * Possible all in one
       Community Treaty
       early unite.
° apartment
    ° lease
     ° Telephone
      ° Internet
       ° GEZ (TV-Radio-taxes)
        ° other

* Tip emigration
     * Notice periods
° and in no case ver-
       You may forget the
    ° e.g. amounts club
     ° e.g. Firm orders as
      ° installments and
       ° Misdemeanors




Horror scenario: ROUGH apartment and renovate in a week.
Reinforcement required!
I found it in a one-man
Small businesses operating along the lines of, even is the man who works.

  So I had a lot of
  Time my things as

° furniture
   ° bicycles
    ° Slots
     ° stereos
      ° albums, souvenirs
       ° books, lexicons
        ° Video Collection
         ° Photo, Film Equipment
           ° and whatever else is
              Over the years, so

              as quickly as possible
              to get rid of.
   Then I decided
   have, almost everything
   give away, I saw everything
   not so tight, but
   more as a pastime.









  Yes, if the love wings
gets, then you shall know them
let fly.


Maybe we'll meet
yes once on my
HomePage divorce.
  A good advice
A divorce, even after
22 years of marriage, should never
the only reason for emigration

Who does not in itself
is at home, is also found in
foreign countries its
Not peace.

  I could not emigrate because of personally setting my life after divorce. Finally I had to pay for up to collage graduation and subsequent college graduation the maintenance for my two children. My wife and I also had to pay (because the old divorce law), ie even after the divorce is a Women's maintenance for the maintenance of living standards due to retirement. This took me about a year income but after that I was free again, but little money on a private setting.

If that's not reason to get off (Emigration) is what then?
But everything at the right time!






Sick and emigrate going at all? This question everyone has to answer himself.

Here are just some personal observations.

Sure with chronic diseases, which are always at least the emergency drugs in the host country may have.
An international health insurance for the first year finish.
(for peace of mind)
In any case, you should try as soon as possible to be totally independent of your home country.
Personal decisions on this topic can be found at

Emigration YES but HOW ?

But here lies a great opportunity. Make your personal self-diagnosis,

My illnesses (in brief):
Asthma> Emergency: beta-2 blockers, cortisone. > Reason: dry air, stress. > Workaround: high humidity relax,
Skin Allergy> Emergency: ko drops beer. > Reason: spor. > Workaround: salt bath, salt air, swim in the sea
Rheumatism, gout> Emergency: Pain Relief> Reason: spor, coldness, Beer> Remedy:
little room temp. fluctuations
Back pain> Emergency: Pain Relief> Reason: sit long, false lift. > Workaround: massage,

and then locate the place in the world that is best suited for you.



Emigrate but where?

A KLCK on the world map starts a 15 second presentation.















Emigrate but where?

  Every other click leads to more information about the negated question:
"Where not?"















Religious filter 1

Since I 1997/98, had to give my family through a brainwashing cult, I hide times from some religious symbol prone places in the world. After that I got additional ...















Religious filter 2

Difficulties with Islam.
But what "s? While I have nothing against a" back woman driving ban ", but who wants the stone age? Statirisch was of course meant to me. Religion is one thing, another fanaticism.

The Power of owner of this planet are to be found elsewhere, so go to ....













Policy sniffer filter

  I bought this 2 years ago I emigrated a new passport. Why so early? I wanted to play a trick on the Eurocrats and at least another 10 years, a passport without fingerprint call my own.
At the time the film was just "public enemy number one" date. In the meantime, Hollywood has been playing
(remember me here on Orwell 1984) overhauled. Or how else am I going to

"Snowden prism reconnaissance scandal in the summer of the Year 2014"

l so away with the biggest
entrance security states such as USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, and more with ...











Personal dream States

 Time to live with another question where I want?

South Africa> Australia, New Zealand> Kenya>?

Who has the choice is all












Emigration targets 1

South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya

Why not really?
I live alone for more than 10 years and can not imagine a life at least on the east coast of Australia well.

Everything is just a matter of proper planning.











Emigration targets 2

Two air deletions

South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya

New choice

> Brazil> Chile> Norway

Who has the choice is all

















Emigration targets 3

 South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya
> Brazil > Chile> Norway

Why not really?
I live alone for more than 10 years and I can also live a hermit in my private jungle in the Amazon, for example imagine.

Everything is just a matter of proper planning.

New choice

Spain> India> Thailand
















Emigration targets 4

   Two air deletions

South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya > Brazil > Chile > Norway > Spain > India > Thailand

Who has the choice is all


















Emigration targets 5

 A lack of funding cuts

South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya > BrazilChile > Norway > Spain > India > Thailand



















Emigration targets 6

 A culture cuts

South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya > Brazil > Chile > Norway > Spain > India > Thailand


rather not. Too much superstition, dirt and caste differences.


















Emigration targets 7

 South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya
> Brazil > Chile > Norway > Spain > India > Thailand

Why not really?

It is the land of Smiles or?
















Emigration targets 8

 South Africa > Australia, New Zealand > Kenya > Brazil > Chile > Norway > Spain > India > Thailand > Tonga

Why not really?

After all, that was my first dropout dream when I was a whole 15 years old.














 My dream states ...

Australia, New Zealand > Brazil > Thailand > Tonga

... and what is your dream dropouts or emigration ?



















When making this website I already lived five years on pieces in my host country.

I have never regretted this decision, not even when the planned brief return to Germany abroad fell into the water for health reasons after 3 years. Synonymous with the Stop of ALG 1 claim with even repeated reduction of my future rent money.

However, according to the inside, I'm glad I did not at that time decided for New Zealand. Here the EURO has currently only a purchasing power of 50 percent. By a New Zealander dropouts home page I have brought in experience, which therefore already make more Chinese than Europeans vacation here.

But I will not anticipate visitors and wish you all good entertainment at the main section of this page.

Emigration YES but ... HOW? ...















If you once the path to
Must start Labour Office,
I can only tell you that
"a good advice", costs a lot of money.
Therefore done by me on this Place,
not an advice -
but an experience - report.

My first contact with the labor office was after my military service. Since I was a regular soldier I got a final payment of several months' salary. Since I was no longer working for the government now and had to bridge about 5 months up to the beginning of my study, I wanted to take a summer job earlier activity again.
That's what I needed for this not working office goes without saying, but the personnel department of the factory (no ads), explained to me in a sample calculation that I was in my 38 hours shift work despite night surcharges, etc. every month only about 70 DM (35) net would get paid. Since thus my earned income was less than my cost (access, work clothes ...), I was compelled for the first time not to work and to live by my financial reserves.







At this point, the labor office comes into play. Here I got the unmistakable call me to report immediately, otherwise my benefits be deleted. After I personally and politely answered the first letters in the words that I get neither grants nor had any claims or had made, and, therefore my file can be closed, I gave a certain time, no sign of life to me. Two more letters (in even harsher legal words) thus faded away with my first contact with the office of labor alone.


Was my second contact with the labor office
exactly 72 hours after the signing
my lost labor contract. again with
prompted me to a certain
Time in a particular city (not
I live! although here also 100000
People live) to report, because
otherwise I
would lose my claims.

I knew then,
colleagues with the same fate,
but my personal bad luck, the German state officials attacks
getting back in my name, all others were namely not molested. It should be noted there was still the person I brought in all the conversations nothing. Everything was geared towards the welfare state to reduce costs. So I went online and tried it myself smart.












Therefore, I reported on the first possible day (02.Jan.09) unemployed in the relevant labor office. My second and last step was a change notice on the last possible day (Friday 29.Jan.09) working in office leave. The following Sunday I left Germany.

And what were the benefits of L. offices? No idea! To this day I still have no opinion (despite multiple requests in the first weeks) how much one would be entitled to unemployment benefit me at all. However, I was at every visit pointed out that my claim 18 months to 12 months will be reduced to a holding period of 6 months,
I'm finally own fault to have signed a termination agreement.

Never heard of
indirect coercion
heard or bullying?

















According to my information, my lapse last claims, after 4 years. So I have to fast but back when I still want to get some of the pie social state, I am in fact now that I write these lines already more than 3 years abroad.

The reason for this report is my sick mother, which I would like to visit again. However, I am thinking not about money, but about my existence and my new family. In addition to a claim of labor money is 1, according to my information, a free health insurance. And one thing I realized in Germany I can not pay cash hospital bills.

In my next
change notification
made to the labor office here
at this point
(whether entitled to benefit or not)
definitely an update.














January 2013
The third vacation of my son
(first marriage) in Thailand comes to an end.
've Even over short sets with fly back to Germany.
But since I have nothing left in Germany, no apartment
or anything else (not even winter clothes), the risk was too great to me, so I've moved the flight back to the summer.

June, July 2013 / I have tried several times to contact the labor office over the internet or emails contact, but without success the last few months. Not a single response or reaction. Well I expected nothing else from Germany also.

Aug, Sept 2013 / Since I was not capable of flight throughout the summer, because of my back problems, I can now completely forgotten Germany. So I can destroy all documents in my wallet emigration, concerning the labor offices extinct due claims in January 2014.

Conclusion labor office:
One of the compulsory insurance
in Germany, which is privately
only by the motto,
"Working for nothing except"
can check off.









Finally, I would like to stress this page
still on my latest hobby.
Write books or
short stories about real events.

On the subject of AA (Hartz IV)
I have 20 A4 pages written specifically
about 2 personally known to me Hardzern
their history together in an easy lead in fiction.

I believe that these are not
isolated cases in Germany.

Person 1: German married 45 years 4 children
after the loss of the family (divorce)
and home buyers and unemployed within
3 years despite AG 1 Hartzer. (What luck
not homeless ... otherwise would
yes no believe me the story).

Person 2: Pakistanis merely visited 1 child 30 years
Germany without a child to be a future
build. Although he had never in
Germany was before he gets to visit
within one year of its German
Nationality (both parents were German)
and in addition to the starter kit (housing, clothing, household ...) its Hartz IV payments.

The persons referred to meet in a bar and .... fate takes its course. .....




















health insurance
Yes or No ?

The need to know any myself.

I opted for the DKV
available in consultation with a JURA students,
I then had coincidentally at hand.

I liked the clause in the contract (small print)
"Only for permanent residence in Germany"
do not like.
Legal point of view, however, was made ​​clear to me that, at a re-registration of residence for the duration of the contract
no second residence in Germany needs repairs.
Whether this information is correct students will show the future ..

I have decided for me then but a

Online completion contract for 3 years (post 45 EUR per month)
with automatic denunciation at end of contract.

Whether it's me without a use what you learn in the following updates.













health insurance

January 2012

The second vacation of my son (first marriage) in Thailand comes to an end. 've Even over likely to sign with to fly back to Germany for a residence.
At least then I could work at the office personally ask again, because of money, and submit my claims to DKV.
Until now I had expenses of about 10000 THB.
But who cares about EUR 250
(Exchange rate at the time 1:40)
that does not even justify the airfare.

Homesick for Germany?
Definitely no reason, I missed this country no second !


Well ...... Next year same time it becomes more expensive.
Then I lose the demands from the labor office and which are
then not 250, but at least EUR 25000. But what the heck. .....





















Banks > Cash Flow

As in the chapter (How?> Finance) has been described, I have acquired a pension payment schedule in the savings bank, which guarantees me my monthly income for 10 years. The monthly credit on the last day of each month. On the first of each month, 90% of which are forwarded by standing on my DKB Cash checking account. On the third day of each month, 90% of this account by standing order are also forwarded to my DKB VISA Cash Account. With VISA account I get this in Thailand at any ATM machine fees free cash. (shown in green in the presentation). The second way (in the presentation shown in blue) to get cash, is an international wire transfer from account to account. This transfer is, however, subject to charges. For a wire transfer from 100000 THB or 2500 Eur 25 Eur bank fees are due. Additionally they have to use for each ATM withdrawal with Thailand ATM cards with up to 50 cents expected. ..... Tried as a tourist in Thailand from 2002 to 2008.


paying out

Master Giro



Fonts / shares




ATM cards

    DKB - VISA
Cash account
VISA absolutely
free with
no fees

paying out
(in THB 40:1 Eur)







This card can not be beat !

+ Very good domestic
+ Free cash withdrawals abroad
+ No annual fee
+ Capital investment interest on overnight basis

Unlike my other cards


this card, saves me some 100 euros per year.

Click for more info on the card.

............................   ...................














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zum Thema

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Ein Versuch die Seiten Lade Geschwindigkeit zu erhoehen
die Sprachschwierigkeiten zu ueberwinden.

Aehnliche Seiten folgen in Kuerze an dieser Stelle.











If an error has occurred on this page,
please send me a short FEEDBACK.
I will try to rectify the fault as soon as possible.



For their efforts, many thanks in advance.












  Emigration YES but ... HOW ? ...

closing Remarks

Bye bye Germany ...

over the clouds


in a turbulent night
So should my professional life forever
be carried to the grave.

Departure Airport Munich (Franz Josef Strauss)
31 Jan. 2009 20:00
Arrival Airport Bangkok February 1, 2009 12:00

A little bit of luck or maybe again
Butterflies in my stomach, I still expect before my end. But that's another 

Emigration yes ...
WHAT is still ?

other Pages



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